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CHANGYOUNG Chemical's production line consists of a production facility that specializes in high-quality Medical Grade Compounds and Tubings, and an R&D center that performs Thorough Quality Inspection on the produced products and Research and Development.

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CHANGYOUNG Chemical Eumsung Factory

1,000T / Mon. for Medical Grade PVC Compounds
100T / Mon. for Medical Grade Tubings


Medical Grade PVC Compound Line

Planetary Extruder #1                                 

 - For Medical Grade PVC Compound  

With a Planetary extruder with 9 screws and a computerized system that electronically controls the manufacturing process by product characteristics, we have succeeded in controlling PVC's inherent risks by producing extremely fine compounds. You can expect to be free from Fisheyes, Specification Errors and Color-Defectives.

DEHP-free Medical Grade PVC Compound Line

Planetary Extruder #2                               

  - For DOTP/Dinch based Compounds

Planetary Extruder #3                               

 - For TOTM based Compounds              

Additional Extruder #1                               

 - For Ejective Compounds                      

To meet the growing demand & standard for More Safe Medical Grade PVC Compounds on human bodies, we are producing  excellent DEHP-Free Medical Grade PVC Compounds with the technologies and experiences of producing conventional PVC Compounds. The complete separation from the DEHP Line completely eliminates the inflow of impurities. The 9-screw planetary extruder also produces ultra-finest compounds that are nowhere else will be found in the world.


Medical Grade Tube Line

10 lanes for Medical Grade Tube Production

This innovative facility which produces Medical Grade PVC Tubing and TPE & TPU Tubing, has a fast and accurate extrusion procedure through an automated system directly connected to the compound line.
Having the clean manufacturing facilities which has its own independent power supply, compressed air and water cooling system with a strict quality control process, our Medical Grade Tube production line has the capacity to meet the strict quality standard.

R&D Center

- Laboratory
- Warehouse(Counter Sample)



We set the direction of R&D development based on quality priority.
Our ultimate goal is to make the best use of our core technologies to drive the quality that our markets and customers need.
In addition, in accordance with ISO 9001/14001 regulations, we carry out strict quality control procedures for each production stage.

Quality Control

We implement a very strict Quality Management system compliant with ISO 9001/14001 standards at every stage, to minimize risk of defectives while ensuring reliability of our products.

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