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DEHP-Free Medical Grade PVC Tube

DEHP-Free Medical Grade PVC Tubing is formulated with plasticizers other than DEHP. CHANGYOUNG Chemical provides three types of materials: TOTM, DOTP, and Dinch, and blocks the inflow of impurities through Perfect Separation from the conventional Medical Grade PVC Compound(DEHP) production line.

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For Any Medical Purposes

Our flexible medical grade tubing can be extruded in a wide range of durometers and can be supplied cut-to-length or as a reel to meet virtually any need. If you don't know the required specification, we will suggest you the most optimized one.


Highest Quality Raw Material

Using highest-quality medical grade PVC Compounds produced by ourselves, it has extremely smooth and strong surface which fundamentally blocked PVC-inheritant defectives such as fisheye, and has maximum fluid flow characteristics.


Quality Control

Through Perfect Separation from the DEHP line at the compound production stage, the mixing of raw materials was completely blocked. In addition, the production of DEHP-Free Medical PVC tube in a clean manufacturing facility prevented the inflow of impurities.


Infusion Set_.jpg

Infusion Tube

- IV Set Tube
- Scalp Tube
- Volumetric Infusion Set Tube

Transfusion Set.jpg

Transfusion Tube

- Transfusion Set Tube / Platelet Tube
- A.V.F Set Tube
- Transfer Bag Tube

Urine Bag.jpg

Urine Tube

- Urine Upper Tube
- Urine Bottom tube
- Urine Joint Tube



- Coil Tube
- Scalp Tube
- Chest Bottle Tube
- Capillary Tube
- Extension Tube
- Suction Tube



Test Report

Cytotoxicity Test

Migration Test

Phthalate Non-Detection Test

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